Reigate Hill Golf Club

Membership Terms & Conditions

Reigate Hill Golf Club is a proprietary members club and affiliated to the English Golf Union and English Ladies Golf Association. Acceptance of an application by Reigate Hill Golf Club constitutes a contract of membership between the Golf Club and the applicant/s subject to these terms and conditions. Club membership is conditional upon the observance of these terms and conditions and any local terms and conditions in force, which are applicable to club membership. Reigate Hill Golf Club retains absolute discretion in accepting or rejecting any application for membership without ascribing any reason for so doing.

Reigate Hill Golf Club shall fix the membership subscription. Fees will be paid annually in advance or in monthly installments by rolling Direct Debit. The subscription year runs from 1st April until 31st March. The subscription fee is non-refundable and non-transferable and may be varied by Reigate Hill Golf Club. Any changes to the subscription fee will be notified to members with a minimum of two weeks’ notice in writing. Membership may be renewed by payment to the club of the appropriate annual subscription fee in force, Reigate Hill Golf Club however reserve the right to refuse renewal of a membership without any reason for so doing. Where applicable, joining fees and subscription fees include VAT at the standard rate. Reigate Hill Golf Club may terminate without prior written notice the membership of any member who falls in arrears with monthly payments in excess of 30 days.

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